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Friday, August 15, 2008

ESRI UC Blog : Governor O’Malley Fights Back with GIS


Governor O’Malley Fights Back with GIS

One of the biggest fans of GIS on the East Coast is undoubtedly Martin O'Malley.

As mayor of Baltimore and now the governor of Maryland, he spearheaded the use of geospatial technology to help measure government performance whether in fighting crime, filling potholes, or reducing water pollution. 

O'Malley told the story of the powerful nature of GIS from his perspective when he spoke Sunday at the 2008 ESRI Senior Executive Seminar in San Diego. Top-level executives from around the world attended the seminar, which preceded the start of the ESRI UC. The executives gathered to learn how GIS is being successfully implemented at major corporations, in government, and non-governmental organizations.

O'Malley said when he took the reins as mayor of Baltimore in 1999, he inherited some serious challenges: a high crime rate, a plummeting population, and therefore a loss of tax revenue to tackle the problems.

"This left us a legacy of underperforming schools, underperforming and unresponsive city services, littered streets and alleys-thousands of vacant buildings and vacant hearts," he said.

To revive the city...read the rest of the story - follow the link below...

ESRI UC Blog : Governor O’Malley Fights Back with GIS

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