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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Are You ESRI Certified??

Some jobs out there are just impossible to get. I ran across a job opening in out in Reno NV today, and it states in the job announcement "Applicants must be ESRI certified and fully capable in the use and application of ArcGIS software...".

Why do I say that is impossible? Because at this time you can't become "ESRI Certified". There is no ESRI certification program in place at this time.

That just struck me as a bit funny - I know - get a life...

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Kuba said...

There are ESRI certificate courses. Some are instructor led and usually very expensive others are offered online at a reasonable price. "ESRI certification of completion" is issued upon a successful completion of each course. There are many learning paths you can choose from. I suppose the core fundamentals might be a good place to start, then you could persue the "Fundamentals of ArcGIS Desktop" which consists of 9 courses. To step it up a bit you could consider the 6-course "GIS Analysis" pathway. Upon completion a "Pathway Certificate" is awarded. This being said, these are not certification programs that are designed to certify individuals. So essentially you are correct; there is no such thing as ESRI certified.