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Monday, March 22, 2010

Some ArcGIS 10 Tips from Crystal Dorn

Not everyone gets to spend time in Palm Springs at the ESRI Developer Summit (on Twitter @ESRIDevSummit and follow Hashtag #devsummit). Included in that group with you and me is Crystal Dorn from the CA/HI/NV Regional Office (on Twitter @CrystalDorn).

One thing we have seen year after year is that clients love to see Crystal’s Usability Tips & Tricks demos at meetings and conferences. So when she told me she was going to Tweet some tips from ArcGIS 10 (#ArcGIS10) I decided that I would RT them out as well. And for you folks not on Twitter for whatever reason, I thought it might be nice to gather them all up in one blog post too! So here you go…

@CrystalDorn: Love it! Searching for symbols super easy & faster, e.g. "Hazmat RED" lists all hazmat red symbols! #ArcGIS10 

@CrystalDorn: Select by Lasso on the new Selection Tools where have you been my whole ArcMap life? Sometimes it's the little things! #ArcGIS10

@CrystalDorn: ArcMap Table container window lets attribute table be docked side-by-side or opened via tabs - great feature! #ArcGIS10

@CrystalDorn: Woohoo can change edit sketch (vertex, segments, etc.) symbology now in Editor options! #ArcGIS10 

@CrystalDorn: ...and can select multiple vertices! New Edit Vertices toolbar will be a popular feature of #ArcGIS10 

I think Crystal is on the road tomorrow, so probably no new tips. I’ll keep an eye out though, and if she starts up again I will RT and post them here.