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Friday, December 08, 2006

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Police connected through a new computer system: "Police connected through a new computer system DARCIE FLANSBURG, Staff Writer Article Launched:12/06/2006 02:52:13 PM PST After 20 years of using the same computer system, the Redlands Police Department has upgraded. According to Kurt Smith, Redlands police community analysis and technology director, there was a clear need to update the system. The Sanders Software Computer-Aided Dispatch and Records Management System was state of the art in the 1980s when the department first used it, but is now out of date, said Redlands Police Chief Jim Bueermann. The department began the evaluation process for a new system one year ago. In March 2006, the department sought City Council approval of a contract with Spillman Technologies Inc., an organization whose system was ESRI compatible as the department required. " [ Kurt is a great guy that used to work in San Diego - but Redlands stole him away! ]