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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Press Releases - Directions Magazine: "IID to Provide Seamless Data Access Using ESRI Enterprise GIS Software April 27, 2006 Users Can Better Manage Network Maintenance, Plan Future Growth, and Improve Customer Service Imperial Irrigation District (IID) has selected ESRI for its enterprise geographic information system (GIS) platform. The implementation will create a systemwide GIS environment of electrical asset, configuration, and grid coordinate information that is accurate and current with real-time updating. ESRI is providing professional services including design and application customization services. In addition, the GIS will fully interface with the organization's SAP enterprise resource planning software. "We're one of the fastest-growing utilities in the country in terms of percentage of growth per year," says John Federowicz, manager, IID Energy . "This growth has forced us to move beyond previous processes. GIS will be one of the cornerstones of our enterprise technology solution. It will provide us with new ways for maintaining data and providing accurate information throughout the organization. We want our employees to have the best information and applications to do their work and give our customers the finest service possible." "IID will be able to leverage the advantage of enterprise GIS for integrating all types of datasets including asset, network, operations, customer, and more," says Bill Meehan , director of Utility Solutions, ESRI. "They will be able to build a true enterprise platform with an open architecture and state-of-the-art technologies."

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