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Thursday, April 06, 2006

AutoCAD 2007 DWG looks like bad ju-ju.: "From Evan Yates' blog: What's the bottom line here? Based on what I know now, I don't think the Open Design Alliance can legally provide support for the AutoCAD 2007 file format. By all appearances, Autodesk has got it technically and legally locked up, to where users will only be able to access DWG 2007 files with Autodesk software. Think of it like a tax: You have to pay Autodesk for the right to access your DWG 2007 files. I'm more than a little concerned about this -- and if you are thinking about upgrading to the new version of AutoCAD when it comes out (about March 15), you ought to be concerned too. I'm going to continue to look at this situation, and see if there are any ways around it. But I suspect that there will be no easy solutions. It's pretty sad that, when even Microsoft is recognizing the importance of open data formats, Autodesk has gone in the complete opposite direction."

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