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Friday, March 31, 2006

Google Tests Local Ads On Maps - 03/27/2006: "Here come the ads on Google.........it was only time..... GOOGLE IS TESTING A NEW feature on its mapping service, Maps.Google.com, that allows advertisers to display locations with an icon and also embed an image in the store information bubble. 'As part of our continuing effort to provide a positive advertising experience for users and advertisers, we are always exploring ways to improve the way we display ads,' Google stated, adding: 'We are currently conducting a limited test of ads on Google Local.' The company declined to offer more specific details. Kelsey Group analyst Greg Sterling said these types of ads have potential far beyond simple display images. 'The possibilities are great,' he said. 'You could plug e-commerce into this, you could plug video into this, chat, pay-per-call--you could do any number of things that would be really interesting on these modules on a map.'"

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