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Friday, March 10, 2006

GIS Matters: ArcGIS Explorer at AAG: "From David Maguire: Yesterday I participated in a paper session and panel discussion at the Association of American Geographers annual conference in Chicago. I spoke about the concepts, history and attributes of Geographic Exploration Systems (GES) and also described ArcGIS Explorer as a case study. GES are a new breed of GIS that focus on the exploitation of geographic information and utilize a services-oriented architecture. They are user-centric, fun and easy to use. ArcGIS Explorer (AGX) is an example of a GES. It aims to be a 'GIS for everyone'. With AGX anyone with a modern PC and connection to the web can explore geographic information. AGX has the capability to call many types of web services and integrate them together as ‘geomashups’. This is where things start to get interesting."

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