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Friday, December 23, 2005

ArcScripts - Coveragesque 2.0: "Coveragesque 2.0 works inside an edit session in ArcMap, ArcGIS 9. It lets you specify a list of editable layers to be split by linework that you draw with any 'create feature' type of operation. It will allow you to split lines and polygons that are intersected by the line features that you create. Coveragesque is not a sketch tool; you can use an sketch tool with it. Coveragesque is not an edit task; you can use it with any edit task that creates a feature. The name of this program is meant to signify that your line work is placed in a way that is reminiscent of linework in coverages. In that format, all lines where split at intersections, and all line work created 'atomic' polygons. This program should work with any editable layers (shapefile, personal geodatabase, multi-user geodatabase) in ArcMap. The download includes a set-up program, the source code, and instructions. "

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