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Friday, December 23, 2005

ArcScripts - ArcGIS (FLEXlm) License Manager Log Analyzer v1.1: "ESRI License Manager can be set to write log files about the usage of different products. The log file can be analyzed using this software for licenses that have been checked out and in. This program can be used to analyze: peak usage times, pattern of software usage, hanging licenses, listing of individual users, listing of users denied licenses etc. New features at 1.1: - append or overwrite output file. - automatically archive output after a certain size threshold. - list users categorized by software product. - list users who were denied a license. - list users, who were denied a license, categorized by product used. At this time only Arc/Info, ArcEditor, ArcView, StreetMap, Publisher, ArcPress, BusinessAnalyst, Grid, and TIN licenses are analyzed. ArcGIS 8x and 9x license logs have been tested."

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