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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Peek at ArcGIS Server 9.3's Java Script & REST API - "Super Tuesday"

This posting and sample site was recently put up by the ArcGIS Server team...

We are very excited to share with you all the work we put into this release. We have improved the documentation in our SDKs, made map caching easier, added tools to manage security, optimized the web mapping applications, and many other things.

Today, we just want to talk a bit about the new ArcGIS JavaScript and REST APIs. We built this new JavaScript API because many of you have asked for a simple way to share your GIS data and tools over the internet. Here is an example built on top of the ArcGIS JavaScript API.

We have kept this ArcGIS JavaScript API very simple; to make sure that everyone could take advantage of it without being a hardcore programmer. But at the same time, you'll quickly learn that this API will let you go beyond mapping and incorporate advanced GIS functionality into your applications. You’ll have access to a complete online SDK with many samples for getting started and using this API. The example above goes beyond your simple "Hello World" mapping application and includes interactive charting of feature attributes using the Google Chart API.


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