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Saturday, January 05, 2008

New Feature in ArcGIS Explorer Build 440

One nice feature added to ArcGIS Explorer at Build 440 is the ability to expose sub-layers from an ArcIMS Service. No longer are you forced to use all or nothing - which could often make you not want to use it at all. So if you are interested in just adding a single layer of interest from an ArcIMS Service that has 10 (or whatever) layers in it, in the past you may have lost the data of interest in all the other noise. Now you can dig deeper in the service and just pull up that single layer that you want to publish to your globe. There is a posting about this with more detail on the ArcGIS Explorer blog. ----------- Among the new capabilities in Explorer 440 is the ability to choose from sub-layers published in ArcIMS services. In previous versions of Explorer the connection would be to the default IMS service layer, and you were not able to access and control individual sub-layers. Read More...

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