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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Heads up Color Proofing for ESRI Style's Colors: Posted on the ESRI Mapping Center on June 28, 2007 Here's a useful little map document called ColorPalette_ArcGIS.mxd that I put together to anticipate the variation between colors on my monitor and the printers and plotters in the office. It contains no geographic data, only graphics that correspond to the standard color palette in ArcGIS. Each color swatch is labeled by name and by CMYK values. I print a copy from each printer and hang them near my monitor so I can choose colors for my layout based on what they look like on paper, not just based on what the colors look like on my monitor. Someday everything may be perfectly calibrated with a color matching system like Pantone. Until then, this helps - and it makes great cubicle wall paper! Jenny Reiman East-West Gateway Council of Governments

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